Words for Life

Have you ever travelled? We might think of travelling as leaving our town or country but everytime we move from one place to another, however near or far, we have actually travelled. In first century Biblical times, the apostle Paul travelled to different parts of the world. Everywhere he went he found people with different beliefs. In one notable journey to Athens, Paul came across a culture where people loved talking about their ideas and the ideas of others. One could say that words were the economy of their life. When the people heard Paul speak they called him a babbler. The word babbler means someone who picks up and scatters ideas as they move. It has the picture of a hen pecking at the ground for food. The travelling Paul could be easily mistaken as babbler however, when one listens carefully to him it becomes clear that his decisive and coherent message was no babble but profoundly and powerfully revealing divine truths, specifically the gospel. The great news about God’s love for the world through the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the Lord and Saviour who reconciles all to God. In Acts 17 we see how the philosophical and religious Athenians heard the gospel, left the pursuit of ideas and believed in the eternal life giving Word of God. Words of life and the Word for Life is given by the Creator and revealed in the Holy Bible.